What’s all this hype about Network Marketing!

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What is Network Marketing?

Make the most of Lockdown to get into your wellness regime. Lockdown is here to stay, at least for a while till we eradicate it permanently. Whilst most people are complaining about the current situation, why not make the most of this time to rebuild ourselves, our lost times, lost family bonding, lost hobbies and most importantly our health and fitness?

Most people are now stuck at home. There is a lack of movement. An inertia has set in. Many are snacking either for pleasure or because they have nothing better to do. Starting of a wellness journey now need not be a very hard affair. But there are some key things to remember before you embark on your fitness journey so that you are successful in reaching your target.

Many people start off their weight loss journey with a very rigid routine to the point of perfection. But by doing that they don’t actually make much progress. This is something I have noticed in some clients who are very excited about their weight loss journey. They tend to get extremely finicky about the minutest thing about weight loss, about the diet, about the routine, the workouts etc. But most often I notice that it is these same people who get lost from their track of their weight loss journey!

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How do we do it?  

Network Marketing Business can be termed as a way of ‘Smart Business’. It is a way of conducting business in a modern way. As times have moved on and people are more available digitally, it allows you to bank on the various digital media platforms that are available today to reach your market. And as such, it is accessible to a wider consumer range, removing the restrictions of selling business products to a local market. If this business is done in the right way, it can get the distributors to achieve amazing financial freedom.

What are the digital Media Platforms?  

The use of the digital world to conduct business and market the products or services has given rise to the modern label digital marketing. Digital Marketing business is done using various techniques like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, E-mail marketing and Paid Partnership arrangements with other websites.

Is Network Marketing easy?  

Network Marketing is very simple and super effective. A good network marketing is all about researching the market, listening to what customers have to say and then providing a solution which is the right products or services based on the customers customised needs and challenges.

Is it better than a 9-5 job?  

Definitely! In a network marketing business, YOU are the boss, YOU control your time, YOU decide what needs to be done and, how it is to be done. So basically, if you want more, you can DO more and EARN more! If you need some time off, you can TAKE it! You want more money, you can work more and make it a possibility. You can do it in the comforts of your home or in the beach or café!

On the contrary, in a 9-5 job, you work under a boss, on targets set by the management. THEY control your time. THEY decide what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. There is NO autonomy. You want time off? It’s up to THEM, not for you to decide! You want more money? BEG!

I have seen people working for 40 years but still financially tight, highly depressed about their lifestyle but still living under the myth of ‘Job security’ sacrificing all their dreams, lifestyle, family time and independence.

I think you get the idea. In a job, you are under the whims and fancies of a boss or organisation who controls your pay check. When you work in a job, they control your time and how you do your job.

When you have your own business, you control your pay check and get to make all the decisions.

I like that! Do you?! Enquire with me on Whatsapp and get started straight away!

I am not done yet!

Stay tuned for my next blog on the same topic! I will talk about some types of Businesses and discuss some facts around them. If you liked what you read, please drop in your comments, and also share it on to your followers so they know 🙂