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Leena Kumar is a well known Fitness Coach in Sydney specialising in weight loss / weight management & nutrition.

With a long list of proven results, Leena Kumar has helped people in their fitness journey.

Leena Kumar

Fitness and Health Coach in Sydney

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We have all heard the saying that goes “Health is Wealth” but many don’t really seem to understand what it actually means. It’s really simple, your health is the most precious thing in the world, the same applies to mental health as well. Money may come and go but never let your health take a hit. Always rely on a Health and Wellness Coach Sydney to guide you through your journey, if you are not sure about what you are doing or are not seeing the desired results you had hoped to see.

Health is like a building that needs constant effort, dedication, and time in order to be well-built. Many of us don’t possess the necessary knowledge to have a building built, similarly, many don’t really know what needs to be done in order to become fit and stay healthy. That is where a Health and Nutrition Coach comes in!

fitness and health coach in sydney

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Online Business Opportunity Health & Wellness Coach, Sydney

As a Nutrition Health Coach, I also offer the opportunity for people to start their own online business. For all the dreamers out there, this is your chance to make it big and leave behind a legacy. Nothing in life comes easy, you need to put in the time and effort to make your business successful.

Many countries across the globe, are suffering from recessions. It will only get worse due to the current situation and projected trends. This opportunity provides you with a buffer and an extra sense of security in uncertain times. In a 9–5 job, the reason you only get a very little pay raise is because it comes directly out of the boss’s pocket. The more money you make, the less money he/she makes. This is not the case when you start a venture of your own where your earning capacity is limitless! Everyone is equal in this line of business.

Life doesn’t present you with a lot of opportunities. If you believe that you are destined for greatness, here is your chance to prove it! Prove to the world what you can do and make a name for yourself in the industry. This is a business that is 100% legit and something which gives you self-satisfaction. Helping people achieve their weight loss goals is what makes us who we are and there is no greater feeling in the world than making their dreams come true!

Leena Kumar wellness coach


Kaur Jess
Kaur Jess
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I have great experience with Leena during weight loose journey. She is very supportive and always available to guide you with her amazing professional knowledge if you have any concerns or questions in regards to weight loose program. She always motivate and encourage to stay on track through sharing tips of nutritional recipes, nutritional knowledge and work outs to get fit. Thank you so much Leena
Ramya K Vasan
Ramya K Vasan
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Leena is not just an excellent coach but also a role model to look up to. She lives by what she teaches which is very evident from the posts she share of her morning drink to lunch to snacks. Do not forget to note her planning skills in preparing every meal because being on a diet is not that easy. It involves proper and prior planning. Have you ever wondered how can someone be so inspirational? Here we have a live example. All her whatsapp status & facebook posts are so motivating and if you are her regular follower you will understand what I mean. She manages her time beautifully and does a great job in inspiring so many lives relentless through her tips & recipes in various social media platforms despite being a working woman. Patience is the key to be an awesome mentor. Yes, she never gets wild or bugged up when doubts are asked. Leena, I really don’t know how much more praise worthy qualities you possess. You are precious! Keep shining! Lucky are those who are in your company!
Deepa Sunny
Deepa Sunny
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Leena is a fantastic coach for weight loss program. She has guided, motivated & inspired me to achieve my goal. I lost nearly 3.2 kg in just 4 weeks of time and I feel more energized & more confident now a days. I can also fit in my old clothes. i am also getting compliments from my friends & colleagues. I feel very happy & say thanks from the bottom my heart to Leena for showing me the correct way to be healthy & fit. 😊
Alka Sharma
Alka Sharma
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Leena is simply Fantastic...amazing coach, always motivates you and guide you to follow the meals plans, She is true inspiration for someone who wants to achieve any health goals...keep up the Gud work Leena 👍🏼
Hardeep Teji
Hardeep Teji
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Leena is sincere in her intent and always aware about the latest advancements in wellness and nutrition. She is a wonderful source of nutritional information. Today I'm eating foods that are real and nurture my body. My overall health has improved and my energy soared since I began working with her. I would absolutely recommend Leena as a health coach and guide to better health. She has shown me that she truly cares and I learn and implement new things while following her guidance to make improvements in my life. If you really want to transform your health to a vibrant, healthy person and want to feel energetic and years younger, then Get Fit With Leena is the place for you. Instead of spending money on sickness with pills and doctor's visits, spend your money on health by learning about healthy nutrition and healthy living.


It’s critical to have a strategy in mind when deciding what questions to ask new or potential Health Coaches. Coaches that are well-organized will be able to give you a general overview of their scope of practise, services they provide, and how they interact with clients, but you may have particular questions. You can assess whether the coach is a suitable fit for your needs if you have things ready ahead of time.

Health coaching is a collaborative effort between a coach and their client that begins with an initial consultation to discuss the client’s medical history. Initial concerns, as well as any limits, lifestyle considerations, and long-term and short-term goals, are discussed during this session.

Initial client issues “may include things like: ‘I’m having trouble losing weight,’ ‘I’m tired of always feeling exhausted,’ ‘I’m bloated and don’t know why,’ or ‘I simply don’t feel like myself.’ These are personal concerns that will differ substantially [from client to client].”

Following the initial meeting, the client and coach meet again to discuss goals in further detail and to establish a workable, flexible schedule for reaching them. Clients’ health and wellness journeys are supported by Health Coaches who hold them accountable.

Whatever your aim, you’ve probably struggled to achieve it, no matter how much you wanted to. A Health Coach can assist you in setting goals, developing a realistic strategy to achieve those goals, and increasing accountability to ensure that you stay on track. When it comes to making changes in your life, having a supportive and encouraging mentor can make all the difference.

Whether your health goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, improve your sleep, eliminate brain fog, increase energy, or address any other issue that is interfering with your daily life, a Health Coach can help. You’re in the hands of a professional who wants to help you find the best solutions to your health problems, thanks to a Health Coach’s extensive knowledge base.

Another advantage of working with a Health Coach is that you will receive individualised attention, be listened to, and have someone by your side as you implement, alter, and adapt your new health habits. Who doesn’t want someone rooting for them and offering well-researched health advice that they can incorporate into their daily routine?

The reasons for becoming a Health Coach vary and are frequently related to personal struggles that the coach has personally experienced. Becoming a coach was a way for me to address a number of health issues related to my weight. I was looking for a way to transform her feelings of low self-esteem, overwhelm, and defeat into feelings of self-confidence and positivity. A health coach who has been through health challenges is better able to understand the barriers and mental blocks that others face on their journey.

I am now trained as a Health Coach and have over five years of success in this field after losing 20 kilos myself. I can analyse your needs and create a weight loss plan that you are comfortable with thanks to her nutritionist certification. To achieve the best results, my plans include simple healthy programmes loaded with wholesome nutrition and moderate exercise.

A health coach provides people with the tools and processes they need to build self-efficacy around their health. Everyone is unique, and change will be different for each individual. When working with a Health Coach, a motivated individual can notice minor changes within the first two to three weeks. Significant changes can take anywhere from three to six months.

A Health Coach is educated in various aspects of health, such as nutrition, fitness, and mindset techniques, whereas a Personal Trainer is primarily educated in body mechanics and fitness. The advantages of working with a Health Coach who is also a certified Nutritionist, such as myself, are that you gain more knowledge that you can apply in your daily life and a more comprehensive workout plan if one of your health goals is to lose weight.

With a limited focus and knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and health, a Life Coach is more of a generalist in your overall life and career goals. If you want to focus on your health, a Health Coach is the way to go.

If you’re ready to ditch the yoyo dieting and finally achieve your health goals, then working with a Health Coach will be ideal for you. There are 3 month, 6 month or even life time plans available for you depending on your weight loss and weight management goals.

You’re not going to love what you read here. You can try avoiding white flour, white sugar, and booze, and drinking a lot of water, a minimum of 8 cups (2 litres) per day, and also minimising sodium to around 1800 mg. Here’s why, if you have tried all that and it still hasn’t worked: We all have some fat on our bodies. It’s good for us. We all have different places where we keep it. Mine is worn on my arms. I’d have to be so skinny to lose it, and I’d look like a complete skeleton. There are surgical options, such as liposuction. That is the only way that we can spot-reduce fat in such a way. I can’t recommend it because it’s painful and expensive, and there are complications, but I feel obligated to tell you. My genuine advice is that no one is flawless. I have “problem areas” that I wish were leaner like the rest of the population. Having a small amount of subcutaneous body fat is actually beneficial to your health. However, if it drives you crazy, all of the above are possible “solutions.”

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Online Business Opportunity Health & Wellness Coach, Sydney

Leena Kumar health coach in Sydney


I am Leena Kumar, a Health and Lifestyle coach, certified in Personal Nutrition. I help people Get Fit for Life and lead a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life full of freedom and choices.

I do this by helping people Get Fit For Life, just the way I did. And I also help interested people build a legacy of their own by starting an Online Home based Flexible Business that give them Financial freedom, time freedom and travel freedom. most importantly strongly committed to helping the community lead a Healthier, Happier life. I believe that we are born to not just exist in this world but to leave a legacy behind us.

Leena Kumar


As a Health Coach, with years of success in this field, and with my nutritionist qualification, I am capable of analyzing your needs and creating a weight loss plan that you are comfortable with. My plans include easy healthy programs loaded with wholesome nutrition (provided to you) and moderate exercises to ensure the best results.

I will also be working with you throughout your weight loss journey to keep you on track and motivate you to reach your goals. Your plan will be individualised to suit your specific needs. Having healthy delicious ready to go meals can benefit your weight loss plan.

Earn money from home


As a Lifestyle Coach, my aim is to make people start a very easy online business of their own without compromising on their daily commitments. This business can be started by anyone who is already on a full time job or by someone who wishes to go on the business full time.

All of us have dreams of making it big one day and live a stress-free life – Be a Life Coach Sydney. Our income is only dictated by efforts. The potential is amazing. This business sets foundations to building residual income that will provide time and financial freedom, allowing us to spend more quality time for enjoying the beautiful moments of life.



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