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About me

Hi!, I am Leena Kumar and I’m a nationally recognised nutritionist by the Nutrition Council of Australia.

I’m here to help you take charge of your health and nutrition, so that you can start living the life you want to live.

It’s never been easier to get a healthy meal plan that’s right for you, because now you can do it all online!

From customised wholesome nutritious meal plans to empowering clients on health, making health shopping in a budget and decoding nutrition labels, we’ve got all the tools you need to make healthy choices every day.

So if you’re ready to start taking charge of your health today, then message me today!

Who Am I?

Hello, I am Leena Kumar. I want to describe an eye-opening experience in my life. Once burdened by excessive weight, I faced a pivotal moment at the age of 42. Amidst the hustle and bustle of my fast-paced life, it became clear that without conscious effort towards a healthier lifestyle, I wouldn’t be able to make the most of my existence. I realized it wasn’t necessary to succumb to rigorous workout routines – especially considering my lifestyle constraints. Instead, my focus shifted to an encompassing and fitting nutritional program for the ultimate transformation. In a breath-taking span of fewer than five months in 2017, I shed a significant 20 kgs. This remarkable progress was achieved through my resolve and adherence to a well-structured weight loss diet along with the optimal weight loss regime.

For a closer look at this vibrant transformation, I invite you to watch my video. You’ll learn how a dedicated commitment to balanced nutrition can truly change your life.

Why did I decide to become a Health Coach?

The reasons for becoming a Health Coach vary and are frequently related to personal struggles that the coach has personally experienced. Becoming a coach was a way for me to address a number of health issues related to my weight. I was looking for a way to transform my feelings of low self-esteem, overwhelm, and defeat into feelings of self-confidence and positivity.

Being a health coach who has been through health challenges is better able to understand the barriers and mental blocks that others face on their journey. I am now trained as a Health Coach and have over five years of success in this field after losing 20 kilos myself.

I can analyse your needs and create a weight loss plan that you are comfortable with thanks to my nutritionist certification. To achieve the best results, my plans include simple healthy programmes loaded with wholesome nutrition and moderate exercise.

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