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About me

Hi!, I am Leena Kumar, a Health and Lifestyle Coach in Sydney, a Fierce Entrepreneur, Proud mum of 2 lovely kids, and most importantly strongly committed to helping the community lead a Healthier, Happier life, full of Freedom and Choices. I believe that we are born to not just exist in this world but to leave a legacy behind us.

Who Am I?

I am Leena Kumar. I want to share this with you that I used to be obese and overweight and at the ager of 42, in the midst of my busy and fast life, it suddenly hit me that if I did not work on my health, I could never make the most of my life. Right when I thought I did not have the time or energy for strenuous workouts, I knew that I had to commit myself to a nutrition program that would do the trick. I ended up shredding 20kgs of fat in less than 5 months in 2017. It was because of my commitment and following the right weight loss diet and the right weight loss programme. 

Watch my video to hear about my amazing transformation. 

Why did I decide to become a Health Coach?

The reasons for becoming a Health Coach vary and are frequently related to personal struggles that the coach has personally experienced. Becoming a coach was a way for me to address a number of health issues related to my weight. I was looking for a way to transform my feelings of low self-esteem, overwhelm, and defeat into feelings of self-confidence and positivity.

Being a health coach who has been through health challenges is better able to understand the barriers and mental blocks that others face on their journey.
I am now trained as a Health Coach and have over five years of success in this field after losing 20 kilos myself.

I can analyse your needs and create a weight loss plan that you are comfortable with thanks to my nutritionist certification. To achieve the best results, my plans include simple healthy programmes loaded with wholesome nutrition and moderate exercise.

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