Master Your Mind to Master Your Fitness Journey

Make the most of Lockdown to get into your wellness regime. Lockdown is here to stay, at least for a while till we eradicate it permanently. Whilst most people are complaining about the current situation, why not make the most of this time to rebuild ourselves, our lost times, lost family bonding, lost hobbies and most importantly our health and fitness?

Most people are now stuck at home. There is a lack of movement. An inertia has set in. Many are snacking either for pleasure or because they have nothing better to do. Starting of a wellness journey now need not be a very hard affair. But there are some key things to remember before you embark on your fitness journey so that you are successful in reaching your target.

Many people start off their weight loss journey with a very rigid routine to the point of perfection. But by doing that they don’t actually make much progress. This is something I have noticed in some clients who are very excited about their weight loss journey. They tend to get extremely finicky about the minutest thing about weight loss, about the diet, about the routine, the workouts etc. But most often I notice that it is these same people who get lost from their track of their weight loss journey!

Why does this happen? Why, when a person is so determined, why do they give up? What is missing? Well, there’s nothing wrong in them! What was wrong was their approach. We are humans. We have good days, bad days, stressful days, moody days, hormonal days and so on!

Rule # 1 : Strive for Progress not Perfection!

Getting into a fitness routine can seem tough, as it involves some planning, organising, scheduling, and most importantly cultivating some new lifestyle habits. While it can seem challenging to some of us, we shouldn’t dread it because we think we have to be perfect.

When it comes to losing weight, it’s not about perfection at all. It’s about being consistent, showing up regularly and giving it your best, it need not be perfect. All it needs is for you to be better than you were yesterday. Gradual progress, that’s what it is all about. That will help you reach your health and fitness goals. And, research shows that consistency beats perfection when it comes to your fitness routine and weight loss goals. But how on earth do you stay consistent to take your results to the next level.

First of all, you need to stop thinking about being ‘Perfect’. Simply, trying to get things perfect can get you totally anxious and overwhelmed! It also puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on you in every aspect of your life. So, if you’re striving for perfection in your current fitness routine, you are just heading into a zone of failure. Stop trying to be perfect from this very moment!

Let me give you an example! If you are after that perfect diet, and you count the calories of every food you eat, and you are very pedantic about not cheating, then if you accidentally happened to have a cheat day, you may go down the path of serious demotivation and self – ruin of giving yourself up because you couldn’t stick to it. Also, another important thing to understand is as humans we never stick to a routine that is difficult. We will always want to move out of a difficult phase. As our mind is tuned to reject what is hard! For eg, if you put a rule that you must hit the gym for an hour every day, if you find it difficult and gave up one day, you might end up thinking, it’s not worth it, and not exercise at all, whereas, there are others, who only do twenty minutes of movement every single day, but they end up mountains and end up reaching their health and fitness goals easily and permanently.

So, we know that we really need to do away with the whole idea of perfection. It sets us up for unrealistic expectations that can set the tone for major disappointment that may ultimately set us back.

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Rule # 2 : Be Consistent

Consistency, on the other hand, allows us to take realistic steps (daily) towards our goals. Whether it’s being consistent with our healthy eating goals, or consistently showing up at the gym or doing our regular outdoor walks; consistency always wins.

When you set out realistic targets that you are able to follow consistently, you tend to be less overwhelmed, so you tend to exercise more times per week, and also for a longer time as you always push yourself to become better than your last day!

I have also found that mostly people who exercised in the morning tended to stick to their routine consistently. This makes logical sense because it’s easy to let the business of the day get in the way of our workout routine if we exercised later during the day. But, if we get our workouts done before as a priority, we are able to stick to it consistently before an excuse can get in the way.

To stay consistent, we need to cultivate the habit of planning and prepping.

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Rule # 3 : Plan your week and your days  

Planning is the very act of deciding what can fit in your schedule. When it comes to weight loss and fitness journey we must change our mindset. It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s all about what you can do and how we can make ourselves do it. We can do this by creating a schedule for ourselves, consider where you can tweak some time in. If it means adjusting your sleep schedules, then so be it. If it means skipping that one Netflix show in the night so you can get in the bed earlier, so be it. At the end of the day, if it’s important to you, you will find your way. No excuses. Ask yourself is it important to you?

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Rule # 4 : Prep your Meals and your snacks

Another very important aspect of Weight loss journey is prepping your meals. When you plan you would have analysed, your weak moments, your busy moments and also your relaxed moments. Now you know that you will need to prep your meals so you can be ready before the hunger strikes in. This will make you feel so accomplished. This will help you to bring in some variety and excitement in your schedule. If you feel excited about the project you are working on, you will stick to it for good. Agree?

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Rule # 5 : Working out at home may be a better alternative for the excuse makers!  

You may also want to use the convenience of working out from home. The reason being, this will eliminate the excuse you will make about the weather or time constraints to commute to the gym or the money constraints to get a gym membership!

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Rule # 5 : Cheated on yourself? Don’t mind it! Just move on.  

Alright, so you decided to be consistent, however small your workout times are, however busy your schedule is. Now let’s say inspite of it all, you ended up cheating one day? What do you do? Bang your head up against the wall? Feel totally dejected at your silly act? Feel like a loser? Nope! Acknowledge that, it is only human to give in. Accept it and move on, and get back into the routine. Stress less and achieve more!

Rule # 6 : Be Kind to yourself  

Allowing yourself to transition into a healthy routine takes the pressure away from setting unrealistic expectations. Plus, knowing that you can still have some of your favourite treats every once-in-a-while will eliminate the pressure of needing your diet to be perfect.

At the end of the day, it’s about consistently balancing your routine in a sustainable way, not perfection.

Rule # 7 : Conquer one Healthy Habit at a time  

Start by cultivating one healthy habit a day and slowly progress to another one.

E.g., Learn to reduce processed food from your diet, then look at cutting sugars. Slowly you will master the healthy habits and before you know it, you’ll be optimising each meal with nutrient-dense foods.

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Rule # 8 : Eat less ready meals and takeaways  

Also try being more consistent with cooking at home. Making your meals from scratch gives you the power to decide what ingredients you use, helping you avoid the not so healthy options.

Rule #9 : Fill your Kitchen Pantry full of healthy stuff  

To help yourself stay consistent with healthy eating, try to keep unhealthy foods out of the house. Out of sight is out of mind!

Rule # 10 : Create a Vision board  

Stop and think about what motivates you and write it down. This will help you stay consistent when things start to feel challenging.

So, with that I challenge you to get out of the perfection headspace. Realize that no matter how small a step you take, showing up and being consistent about reaching your fitness and health goals is more important in reaching your weight loss results. Making consistent healthy change, even if it’s small, is never a waste of time. So, let’s do away with the idea of perfection and start being realistic and consistent. Make a commitment to being consistent with your fitness and healthy eating. You’ll be one step closer to conquering those goals!

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