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Are you looking forward to losing weight and leading a thinner, leaner and fitter life that will be adored and admired by people? Look for Get Fit With Leena – the fitness training facility that I own and run. I am Leena Kumar, a famous fitness coach, meeting the various fitness goals of people with perfection and professionalism through a well-researched and well fabricated Weight Loss Program in Mosman.

My weight loss programs in Mosman are always tailor made

It is true that I fabricate customised weight loss programs. Yet, I am not a mere Personal Weight Loss Coach in Mosman. I also work as a dietitian and a fitness strategist, fabricating various ways out, through dieting instructions apart from weight loss / weight management and nutrition program.

When you come to me, I will have a detailed discussion with you in regards to your current physical conditions, your lifestyle, past record of illness or medical condition, future fitness objectives. Taking all these into account, I chalk out a custom dietary plan as well as weight loss and fitness program near Mosman. So we see, I never take any generalised approach while treating my patients.

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Leena Kumar

What makes me your automatic choice as a Personal Weight Loss Coach Mosman?

I have experience under my belt. Experience and my qualification as a Personal Weight Loss Coach in Mosman have taught me immense knowledge about human anatomy and the reasons behind accumulation of weight. I also know the precise way in which weight can be lost through fitness programs and diet plans.

Thus, while offering weight loss programs I instruct my customers to follow a natural and safe way of weight reduction rather than use any external agents.

My Personal Weight Loss Programs in Mosman are Based on Practical Use

All my Weight Loss Programs in Mosman have been fabricated based on my real life experience. That is why you will not find them readily available on any public forum or social media sites. I would upload them on my Facebook page, YouTube channel for those willing to take the Weight Loss Trainer Online course in Mosman from me.


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Call me at 0413828415 to fix a meeting with me or email me at getfitwithleena@gmail.com to know more about my service. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter apart from YouTube to get regular updates. Follow my FaceBook page and follow me on Twitter.

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Let Get Fit With Leena help you get back to shape and retain your weight. You can click the Contact Us button at the top and fill out the form to connect with me. Or, call us at 0413 828 415 between Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also email us your questions at getfitwithleena@gmail.com.

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