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There is no reason why you should be worried over your weight loss issue if you’re in Woollahra – for you have Get Fit With Leena to turn to. I am Leena Kumar, the proprietor of Get Fit With Leena and a well acclaimed fitness coach, specialised in weight loss / weight management & nutrition. I am not just a weight loss instructor in Woollahra but also a health coach entrepreneur offering customised fitness training to you, depending on your fitness goal and your current physical condition.

As one of the most qualified and experienced wellness coaches, my customers have always been my priorities. I would never take a generalised approach, while conducting weight loss training. Rather, I will develop customised fitness, wellness programs and weight loss programs in Woollahra to address the fitness issues of our customers and help them meet their fitness goals.

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I always Maintain an Absolutely Transparent Way of Working

Transparency has always been the cornerstone of my success and growth as a weight loss instructor in Woollahra. As such, when I set fitness plans, I also develop customised diet plans that will help them lose their weight faster.

It is this customised diet plan coupled by my tailored weight loss program that helps my customers achieve their fitness goals as per the schedule.

Why Am I One of the Best Weight Loss Instructors in Woollahra?

With years of experience, I am the most knowledgeable weight loss instructor in Woollahra. As such I have an in-depth understanding of human anatomy. I know thoroughly what leads to accumulation of weight and fat and what factors can play an active role in the reduction of fat bodies.

Thus, when it comes to offering weight loss programs I will instruct my clients to follow an absolutely natural and safe way. This helps them to lose weight in a very natural way without being subjected to any unnecessary stress and strain, or external stimulation that may have any negative impact on mind, body and spirit later on.


I apply practical methods of weight loss as a Personal Weight Loss in Coach Woollahra

As a personal weight loss coach in Woollahra I would prescribe the practical methods that I have personally fabricated. So I never offer any general weight loss program that is readily available on social media. I have also uploaded video files that will give my clients guidance, should they want to opt for an online weight loss program in Woollahra.

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Call me at 0413828415 to fix an appointment or email me at getfitwithleena@gmail.com to know more about my service and achievements . You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter apart from YouTube to get regular updates.

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Let Get Fit With Leena help you get back to shape and retain your weight. You can click the Contact Us button at the top and fill out the form to connect with me. Or, call us at 0413 828 415 between Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also email us your questions at getfitwithleena@gmail.com.

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