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ascension symptoms march 2021

The longest Pluto transit of our lives will also be the most unusual. March 2021 Ascension Energy Update - Symptoms of Planetary & Body Upgrades - YouTube Welcome to my channel! I want to stress how huge and reality-altering these two particular upcoming astrological sign changes and transits are. One-on-one support and Free 5D Shift eBook. Why? Firstly the inner work (when conducted correctly) helps you transcend the lower densities, meaning to equalise with them, reclaim the lost fragments of your soul buried there, to integrate soul, then to emerge through - you embody in the lower densities in an aligned way. However, in the summer, many family and friends come to visit this nature and use my place as a base for that. Theres no doubt left anymore about whos currently ascending, whos descending, whos waffling, whos come unglued mentally/emotionally, and who are unknowingly fighting the entire evolutionary Ascension Process. Slowly, throughout these evolutionary Ascension Process years weve been living, that entire energy template and the magnetics that held it together have been in a natural evolutionary process of being deconstructed., Accelerated Ascension: Life On The Cosmic Road. First Everythingers have been doing these things since the Ascension Process started, while simultaneously anchoring some more of the higher NEW energies first into and through their physical bodies. DMCA protected and enforced. In the past pre-ascension times, anyone could join some group/tribe/clan/pack/gang and be absorbed into it and parasited by it. The April into May, and October 2023 Solar / Lunar Eclipses, plus Plutos final months in Capricorn are all helping accomplish this rapidly for NEW Humans and NEW Earth. I was surprised a complex movie like it was even made, however, when physical linear time has been continuously speeding up the past twenty-five years and global humanity has been living that, plus NEW world reality energy templates and additional layers are being added to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, some individuals are going to sense these things at deep inner levels and attempt to creatively externalize them. In reply to Ascension symptoms - what are you experiencing? My writings are meant for my site only, not anyone elses to use only to profit from themselves. The next layer of this has to do with our being in Phase2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process since January 2020. The Volunteers have cleaned, cleared, purged and embodied nonstop since 19981999, but now were needed to energetically help unaware ascending humanity cope with these profound continuous and rapid global reality and consciousness changes. Some people will take advantage of these 2023 Eclipses to do just that, die and leave physical life and reality. Things like Big Media, Big Tech, Big Communications, creators of mental body control devices like virtual realities, AI, Big Medical Tech transhumanism factories, negative internet, social media, virtual violence gaming and more. The currant embodiment process for first wavers entails intermittent phases of heavy purges of toxic, reversed or imbalanced energies and begins to reconfigure the entire bone, blood, tissue and skin matrixcomposition, which may result in some heavy physical and neurological challenges of ascension symptoms. Lisa Renee, January 2023. Skip to primary navigation (GFL) to Shawna L. Frances on March 16, 2021 as part of the GALACTIC+HUMAN ASCENSION PANEL (GHAP) Recommendations. Greater self-care and Higher Awareness are needed now under these multiple increased and rapid energetic changes. I have felt called to go Veggie/Vegan. Greetings, welcome to Openhand. From Soul level we made certain to incarnate at the beginning of the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago, and we made certain to incarnate at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius 13,000 years later when the Sun, Earth and rest of our solar system started inching deeper and further into the Photon Band of Light. Another paragraph I relate to from the same article. Its just where we currently are in this compressed evolution now; the icky, messy, unstable, violent, volatile neither here nor fully there cuspal transitions stage. In October 2022 I found myself dealing with some new physical body purging difficulties I wrote about (link below) and again in December 2022. And then review this Openhand video below to get a sense of how your vibration might be rising. As we already know, theres a lot of diehard patriarchal Piscean Age crazies that want to continue ruling the world and everyone on it. There areSecond WaversandThird Wavers and each of the three (Triality) groups of ascension Volunteers have their individual masterships, qualifications, capabilities, endurance levels, and different energy activation timings. Some stars are continuously in one of these many Photon Bands of Light, such as Alcyon in the Pleiades cluster. For the last two weeks, I've had occasional ringing in my ears * Would wanting to spend more time at home count as well? Do not misunderstand or underestimate your Individual importance in the Pluto Leo Pluto Aquarius ascension energies, Ages, past/present lives and timings. Copyright Denise Le Fay& HighHeartLife, 2023. NEW Humans however must be self-responsible, high frequency Individualsfor the NEW Aquarian Age Group to work at its highest and most pure. Know that your relationships will improve going forward How Do I Best Remove Entities and Implants? Dont feel or think that your invisibility and silence means youre not doing anything helpful. Twenty years in one sign is a whole generation of incarnating souls born with Pluto in the same sign, same energies, in this case, Aquarius. For the last two weeks, Ive had occasional ringing in my ears which came and went at will. We the peoplewill become something completely different and profoundly better during these 20.2 Pluto in Aquarius transit years worldwide. The familiar physical side effects of the bigger solar flares, winds, CMEs and so on making your body feel like it was hit by a truck causing most of your body to feel stiff, sore, bruised and swollen for days afterwards. I could talk on and on about the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP), which is what the Forerunners have been doing since the start of the AP decades ago. Do ask if you'd like some pointers and illumination from me. More about these particular astrological sign changes in an upcoming article. What I find interesting about this from the evolutionary Ascension Process perspective is that humanity is going directly into these new energies of transiting Pluto in Aquarius from a higher evolutionary level than they would have in old pre-ascension times. Another common symptom is what these solar energies do to assist in accelerating our evolutionary Ascension Process and physical body upgrades are seriously potent headaches, head pains and pressures all around the skull and inside the head. Nonetheless, Im finally getting into this because Ive been clairvoyantly Seeing some of them again in December 2022 into January 2023. My torturer would get mad and say, "how can you still laugh? Many dont want whats happening and whats coming to ever happen, but it will despite all of their efforts. Team Dark created inorganic false lightlooks much like manmade florescent light. As humanity quickly learns to take back their personal powers, responsibilities and consciousness, theyll repeatedly find themselves directly facing their Plutonian Underworld stuff and junk theyve long stored away in their subconscious basements. I actually managed to eradicate the diabetes before I even started fasting, but I couldnt resist the impulse to test the limits of the human bodys innate healing capabilities that are opened up during a sustained fasting state. I have awakened since about April 2020 but didin't really know about 5D until July. Ive already talked about how Saturn in Pisces is the end of Piscean Age patriarchal and Team Dark Church, and how Pluto in Aquarius is the end of State. The more obvious symptoms of Liver Qi Stagnation are irritability, short temper, red eyes, flushed face, headaches, and sometimes, neck and trapezius pain. The left image is the Milky Way galaxy, the right image represents the 7D Photon Bands of Light. I am about to turn 40, yet I look like I am 20 years of age on the external, and my body inside is also a reflection of this. Firsthand experience coupled with lifelong clairvoyance, claircognizance, decent multidimensional awareness, honestly knowing Team Light and Team Dark, grasping the past Great Cycle spent in Duality, and being able to retain accurate awareness of my multidimensional experiences is why I know what I do. This is why the Sun has changed color from yellow-gold to silvery-white.]. A planets discovery is the external physical clue that humanity will, from that point forward, begin becoming conscious of it, work towards integrating its energies and constantly living in its influences. Right up until about February 2017 or so I was basically what one would call an open-minded atheist or perhaps an agnostic, I was open to many possibilities, but at that point my experiences and primary beliefs were very firmly ensconced in a standard material paradigm. Get out of your comfort zone, listen to your intuitive nudges and learn something or try something new! Because the more Light there is now in each of us and whats been anchored into physicality, makes every remaining bit of old negativity feel extremely amplified, raw, repulsive, unbearable and wholly intolerable in Phase 2and our existing in the NEW energy template and Triality frequency and each additional NEW code that arrives for NEW Human of ascending NEW Earth. My question and I have a few are, I have 2 young children ages 8 and 6. No bugs while I'm there, no other people. 0:30. Ive mentioned this before but it needs repeating. Bouts of euphoria followed by feeling low With 5D ascension and shifting daily planetary influences, you can experience bouts of being on a high, followed by days when your energy feels lower. This is when things started to get weird. There are many nonphysical Others that will continue helping us do exactly this for all life on Earth. Be well and take extra good care of your body and HighHeart while more Source and Home gets embodied and more ancient gunk gets purged. Not really. And that's not necessary. And a long-term relationship ended due to my partner having an affair with another womanI know that I'll now attract a truly loving and honest man by letting go.

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