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I have made, baked and frozen runzas for myself, but this will be the first experience for many and I want to have them made and ready to pop in the oven. Mainly because I can never remember which one I use last time. We went through the drive through and were in/out in under 5 minutes with food for 4 at a reasonable price. Thanks for the recipe! In some parts of the Midwest, it became known as the bierock, because of the way the word was spoken. Thats an awesome idea. As the contributor of many of Food & Wine's comprehensive Best Of lists, designed to highlight and celebrate all aspects of American food and drink culture, David spent much of a typical year traveling on assignment. Am I correct in interpreting your notes to mean that: The dough recipe as given is enough to make 40 Runzas? McCOOK, Neb. The filling is fantastic, I wish I had doubled that! And Im not offended a bit about your using the frozen bread dough. Its singular pizzas have a thin crust with a biscuit-like edge and are often topped with small bits of ground beef, among other ingredients. I dont mind because the dough is so good to have on hand for dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, etc. As Gene pointed out in the comments, you can alter the fillings to accommodate your tastes/ moods: weve made runzas before with sliced green peppers, mushrooms and Swiss cheese, Italian seasonings, etc. It is believed that the original runza . Also, any suggestions on cheese type? Sandwich Meal. As for freezing; I bake and flash freeze and vacuum-seal for longer storage. Thanks for making my day! Resident. Warm up your Sauer Kraut with a little apple juice in a separate pan and then add to the mixture if youre afraid of the Kraut being too sour. Also how long would they last in freezer, just in case they are a hit and I need to make ahead. Does your family live in Nebraska, then, Lisa? so you dont have that thick doughy effect. They can get soggy otherwise. . Thank you again Amy we sure enjoy this recipe. It also took time for Germans from Russia some of them Everetts ancestors to get here. Yes, carrots. Linda, It seems to hold a little better. Ill bring the bubbly. I grew up in Nebraska and have ended up on an island in Panama. The closet thing they have tasted was Russian hamburgers. Remove from oven lightly brush with melted butter. Husband eats them dripping, no, gushing, with mustard. And one son prefers heavy onion/cabbage ratio to meat. She not only fine-tuned the originalrunza recipe, but she also trademarked the name. . Thank you, Karen! This is sooooo funny, as in odd, but amusing. Although my grandmother did not have a bread recipe written down for us before she passed, my parents were able to develop a recipe that is extremely close to grandmas. Unfortunately, it was eventually sold & no more hot, delicious runzas served with mustard! It takes a bit of practice to get it to that sweet spot! use white pepper! Followed ur recipe all except the bread part, used frozen bread dough, still came out fabulous. You wouldnt happen to have a recipe for a proper Czech kolache, eh? Good luck and let me know how they turn out! Our world-famous Runza Sandwich, classic burgers, beloved crinkle-cut fries and homemade onion rings are our pride and joy. Europe. If you've never heard of runza, let us introduce you to this traditional Cornhusker specialty. They are a favorite and whenever in Nebraska we always make a stop at a Runza Hut. * Glad you like that filling! Coneflowers motto is farm to cone, and the little ice cream shop is serious about using local ingredients and making from scratch anything it can; even the sprinkles are house-made. more, There aren't enough food, service, value or atmosphere ratings for. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Julie, we soup ours up sometimes, toomy hubby likes adding green peppers and provolone cheese to them sometimes. Now an adult, I live in Connecticut, and decided to try to replicate the recipe. And it turns out, there are a lot of creative spins on the Runza recipe out there. I hope you try to recipe and please come back and let me know if its as good as the recipe you remembered as a little girl. Wow! I have made plenty of disappointing runzas in my life, ergo why I wrote that post when I discovered how to make really terrific ones!! (from both of us) 80 of the Runzarestaurants are located in Nebraska; only Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado are lucky enough to have one or two locations of the restaurant chain. Thank you heaps, I have been making Runzas for than 4 decades and never mastered them being formed and all alike you secret tip 3 taught me this morning. joni. Those gardens were amazing. My parents grew up in Nebraska but moved to the east coast when they started having children. The new spot has 48 beer taps and 30 large-screen televisions. Looking forward to making some. We did", "Nebraskans Know There's No Substitute for Runza", "Sandwich That Stems from Eastern Europe Powers Great Plains Chain", "Where to get bierocks, the official food of Kansas in the fall", "The Runza will represent Nebraska at new national food event", "Runza: The story of one of Nebraska's most treasured foods", "The runza sandwich: Where else but Nebraska? Reaction to the meatless Runzas, which are still in a "trial" phase, has been mostly positive, said a Runza spokeswoman. I learned it from a fellow Midwesterner. The food was slightly on the greasy side and the fries were under-cooked. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. I bake them first so they are quick out of the freezer, warmed in the oven, and all the time you put in on one day pays itself back for several rushed suppers. And that buttery taste on the hot bread: who doesnt love that? They dont have near the flavor. Finally. I cant rate your recipe right now, but I will return. I always have to eat there when back in Nebraska. One of the citys most popular spots, chef-owners Paul and Jessica Urban are trained in fine dining and use that background to create epic street food, including the Croque Garcon burger, which widely known critic Alton Brown called one of his favorites in the nation. Ironically, I made runzas, one year after you posted this, almost to the day and as I was perusing Pinterest, I found your recipe. I was introduced to Runzas over 30 yrs. Sallys mother taught her how to make sandwiches from the family recipe that were later named Runzas. Donna, great question! One of our friends, also from Nebraska, is having a baby soon and this seems like a great food to take over as it can be eaten with one hand on the go! ), Put browned ground beef into a large pot (I like to use my Crock pot). The second time was to stop and grab food for the mother in law on the way back to town. However I highly recommend the cheezeburger and the fish sandwich. You have permission to edit this article. He met his wife at a Runza a Runza romance, he said. Volga Germans, ethnic Germans who settled in the Volga River valley in the Russia Empire at the invitation of Catherine the Great in the 18th century, adapted the pirog/pirozhok to create the bierock, a yeast pastry sandwich with similar savory ingredients. Unlike its neighbor to the south, Kansas City, Omaha isnt well-known for a thriving barbecue scene. There's the Original Vegetarian Runza, which contains lentils, cabbage, onions, oats and spices,. It was widely made in Nebraskan home kitchens; it wasn't until after World War II that the runza took the leap from homemade specialty to fast food. I do not see shortening on the list of ingredients. You want to roll it out as thinly as possible (without creating holes!) Theyre available daily. Im from Hastings, Nebraska, but live in Ohio now, and I do miss the Runza. Ive never added the sauerkraut..a wonderful yummy addition I might add. Have you heard about Faceless Fred, the ghost at Speakeasy? Could they be baked completely, butter and all, and then frozen? How well would the Runzas hold up if I was to make them, bake them, and wrap them and then freeze them? 1 pkg. Laura, the easiest way would be to cover them (I usually use waxed paper) and microwave for a minute or two. I simmered it on the stove in my Dutch oven and then made gravy from the drippings. You are certainly a sweet wife. Would you mind if I shared this recipe on my blog? Runza Seventy-eight Nebraska locations, and also two each in Iowa. If you dont wrap them up while you reheat, they will dry out possiblynecessitating more butter application*sigh*And as for cheese type: go with whatever you like! I have been to this location . 3 cup flour Our kids went to UNL and yes we bleed Husker red! I live near where your children lived, in Canton, Ohio. One thing: The veggie Runzas may be meatless, but theyre not necessarily healthier. Lets go back to the beginning of this story, which happens to be around 1760. Now thats an oddly specific number! Brooklyn.) Thanks! Sorry, forgot to ask . Im 72-year-old German Russian born and raised in The German Bottoms. Ooh, that sounds tasty. Even though the runzas today are mass produced fast food, my wife and always stop and buy some when visiting Lincoln. Why do I want to live, work and raise my family in this. Therunzas were yummy & liked the side salad option in a combo. Runza Restaurants. Just a lil nugget I have learned making these at home. As a result, many Germans went to Russia and taught the Russian serfs many skills. Two words. What?? Yes, they certainly can be made ahead, and then frozen in freezer bags. (Photo by Libby Kamrowski/ KMTV). The sauerkraut is salty, and I find that if I only use cabbage, they tend to be more bland. Before baking I brush milk on the tops and in the oven they go. And then theres that lovable warm bun stuffed with peppery beef, wilted cabbage and long-sauteed onions. Runza serves the classic version, along with variations such as cheese, Swiss mushroom, spicy jack and Southwest. The bread part of the runza will temper that overseasoning. Useful 3. Had to make too many of em too fast to worry about looks. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews. Debra, thats funny! Omahas only fully vegan restaurant, run by widely known chef and cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz, recently moved into a bigger, brighter location. We could not use your location information to find stores. Brando A. Elsa, TX. The past few summers I have driven my parents to a family reunion in Miller, Nebraska. Allergy information is available upon request. . I was hooked.I would go there almost every day for lunch..I joined the Military and left Nebraska so the only time i could get runzas was when i was home on leave..THANKS for this recipe they taste JUST like they did back in 78-79 DELICIOUS. I love making Runza.I aquire the recipe from a young lady that lived next door. . Sometimes if you let the dough rest for a few minutes before you roll it out, it wont jump back like that. No flavor at all. I was just sitting here in self-quarantine and decided to make Runzas. Our world-famous Runza Sandwich, classic burgers, beloved crinkle-cut fries and homemade onion rings are our pride and joy. Chef Keen Zheng moved to Bellevue from New York, where he was working at the four-star Sushi Nakazawa. Thank you for sharing -and all the tips are wonderful! They were served with yellow mustard as a dipping sauce. But we dont always want to go out to get these delicious sandwiches/er, meat-filled buns/delectable hand-held . Think of it as an ahead-of-its-time food truck. Please confirm that this restaurant at this location is permanently closed 1/4 lb. We had a home built next to the North Bank Preserve. Kraut Runzas are special to my family. I prefer smaller runzas, but you may like them bigger? Thank you! Its great to know no one will be ever able to build in back of us. The Runza fast food restaurants sell other typical fast food: onion rings, chicken strips, cinnamon rolls, and fries. Your email address will not be published. As an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska majoring in history, I took a course about the history of Russia. (Yep, in New Zealand, I cooked barefoot. Runzas freeze beautifully. You could even make it into a pizza roll, if there is anything he likes. Its nice to meetcha! 0. Ive frozen them in both states and found them to be quite good reheated, either way! From Chinese Gooseberry to Kiwifruit: how it all happened, Its still packed on Sundays, when its broad happy hour specials last all day. Amy, your runza recipe sounds fantastic! Cheese Runza Sandwich. Theres the Original Vegetarian Runza, which contains lentils, cabbage, onions, oats and spices, and the Southwest Black Bean Runza, which has black beans, corn, onions, red peppers, oats, shredded cheddar cheese and spices. Thank you for sharing with me! But that is usually how it works out for me. OpenMenu is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. . Im always up for a new challenge! This location is odd because their drive thru goes between the building. In a country where its easy to buy a lemon no matter where you are or , This idea all came about when a group of people got together one night and started penciling things out on a napkin., Like many who grew up in a rural area, chef Ryan Puls wanted to do just about anything other than settle in his hometown. The chicken is par for the course fast food chicken. Ive made runzas enough times in my many many many (yawn) many many years of daily cooking and baking, to have amassed five crucial secrets to the really great and best runza recipe that you can make at home, rather than the mediocre ones that its too easy to come up with. Thank you! Because baking the runzas themselves would have to be done in the oven, not a pressure cooker. I hope they turn out well! Eight foods that will boost your brain health, Nine ways restaurants sneak extra calories into meals. And youre welcome. Omaha, NE. It doesnt say if the butter is suppose to be at room temp or melted?

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