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range technology afm disabler problems

Therefore, disabling AFM is dangerous for the overall performance of a pickup truck. Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device (Blue) If you are searching for the easiest way to run your V6 or V8 engine at its full power, maybe this one from Range Technology is the best one that can help you. When AFM is active, the engine will run on four cylinders most of the time, only switching to eight when more power is needed (such as when accelerating). However, despite the advantages that an AFM disabler can have, it can pose some difficulties. So in this article, well be looking at Range AFM disabler problems as well as highlight some common solutions to said problems. When he's not writing or working on trucks, Zayn enjoys attending truck shows, off-roading adventures, and spending time with his family. Another thing to consider is performance. All Rights Reserved. We walked out to the parking lot and he showed me that he did in fact have them installed. So, it can get difficult to find a match when youre using a second-hand Chevrolet. I spend most of my time driving on 45 MPH roads and the drive-ability with the Chevy at these speeds was horrible. How Do I Know If I Have Active Fuel Management? It allows you to drive off-road, icy streets and difficult terrains without gobbling up more fuel. Its also responsive on Ford for shutting off the Auto Start/Stop feature. How Much Does An LS1 Engine Cost | All You Need To Know, How Much Does A Custom Tune Cost | Detailed Breakdown, How Much Does Engine Balancing Cost | Breakdown of Expense, Kia Soul Engine Replacement Cost: An In-Depth Look. Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM CST. The solution to this incompatibility of the module with your current vehicle is to have Range update the firmware. As a result, the engine performance reduces. Thats why most truck owners want a disabler or an AFM delete kit. If you have a Chevy Silverado or a Tahoe that needs help with engine power, you can get the super affordable module. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Furthermore, they are compatible disablers that regulate the performance of V6 and V8 engines. Solution:Disconnect the Range AFM Disabler and troubleshoot the car for DTCs. So, you can either get a unit with a battery-boosting feature or simply keep it unplugged when you dont need it. The short answer is: it depends. Truck frame weight is an important factor that affects the efficiency, safety, and environmental impact of trucks. Range technology v4 mode AFM delete devices allow your engine to work at higher than their average performance. Zayn is a well-respected author on, where he provides in-depth articles and guides about trucks, their maintenance, and industry developments. So, when you delete the mechanism, you need to replace all these parts with non-AFM components. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Ans: No, an AFM disabler doesnt affect the Remote Start function. The truck felt more responsive and had more power available when I needed it. The system is designed to seamlessly switch between modes without any input from the driver, and it should not have any adverse effects on engine performance or reliability. Personally, this is the best active fuel management disabler money can buy. It cannot monitor, stop, or regulate active fuel management. Lol do regular maintenance, 5-7k miles depending and you will be fine. Zayn is a passionate truck enthusiast and expert with over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. Copyright 2023 Auto Care Aids | All Rights Reserved. My mechanic explained the problem is a known issue with the 8/4 option on the engine. Make sure to oil them and look out for any signs of deterioration. The short answer is no, disabling AFM will not save lifters. Engine Bearing Replacement Cost | Is It Expensive? But this handy programmer puts your vehicles calibration in your own hands. Range was founded in 2010 by leading electronics engineers. Everything is great with this device, my gas mileage was still great, my car ran much better being in 8 cyclinders all the time, and the motor seemed to do a lot better running on 8 all the time. Since I do mostly highway trips, my mileage has actually improved, not by much, but it shouldn't have if you believe the GM hype. It increases fuel consumption, and the truck loses its performance. It can sustain the engine health of GM trucks, It reduces the wear and tear on your lifters, Keeps the truck on the V8 mode consistently, Eliminates engine lag while restarting or accelerating, Making towing easier with all eight cylinders engaged, Ensures a smooth ride on snowy, muddy, or difficult terrains in general, Suitable for high load and high-speed situations, Consistently keeps a GM truck engine in the V8 mode, Doesnt reprogram or damage the factory ECU, Increases engine performance and throttle response, Protects lifters from frequent wear and tear, Should be deactivated when the vehicle is not in use, Compatible with SUVs built between 2007- present, Works with both AFM and DFM-enabled vehicles, Actively eliminates engine drag and exhaust buzz, Gives you complete control over the engine, Might set your emission reading to Not Ready, May need to unplug the device for passing the emmissions test, Compatible with a wide range of GM trucks, Reduces oil consumption for AFM-enabled SUVs, Instantly starts your vehicle and gets it going, The brand offers responsive customer support, Leaves no trace of its usage after you remove it, Supports fast acceleration without the engine lag, Suitable for GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and other models, Comes with a top speed limiter and a rev limiter, Supports AFM, DoD, and MDS Fuel Management systems, 3 levels of power tuning for GM diesel trucks, Improves the gas mileage and perfect for switching off factory afm, Helps to make the driving experience smoother for users, Absolutely perfect speedometer calibration, Helps the engine reach its peak performance, Corrects the speedometer when you change tires, User-friendly and quality installation software makes setup a breeze, Compatible with most performance upgrades, Perfect for recent vehicle models including SUVs, cars, and light trucks, Offers pretty good speedometer calibration and can disable the fault codes. Another potential issue is that disabling the AFM could cause some apps to behave erratically or even crash. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()). This happens because the Range AFM Disabler adds more stress to the engine, and as such, at the peak of it, the engine would shut off automatically (due to high stress). If you do mostly highway driving and then have a period where most of your driving is in town, then you will see mileage drop (sometimes fairly dramatically). The Range AFM/DFM Disabler allows your V6 or V8 GM vehicle to run in full cylinder mode at all times, preventing the Active and Dynamic Fuel Management systems from dropping cylinders. You have to find the OBD-II port below the steering wheel or the dash and then plug the device in like an OBD-II reader. He recommended this unit. So, this is why people started to look for a way to disable the AFM system when necessary. Additionally, the device is compatible with most GMC, Buick, and Chevrolet SUVs. Getting the AFM disabler is the best way to avoid issues. Home / Help Center; Returns Policy. Along with this, make sure to perform proper maintenance on your machine, such as oiling the parts and making sure the parts are working properly. The following are the significant problems of a Range AFM disabler on GM pickup trucks. We disable at the source and your truck runs as it normally would in 8-cylinder mode. Due to its incorrect functionality, the engine works with more strength. To avoid the problems, you can permanently disable it. You no longer have to take frequent trips to the repair shop. Please follow the instructions and enclose return postage with your Disabler. If youre encountering problems caused by AFM in your Silverado, itll be best to disable the AFM using an AFM disabler or AFM delete kit. Wind, rain, snow, cold temperatures can all affect how the engine management system manages the fuel and engine operation, sometimes cutting into fuel economy to maintain smooth operation. Take 5 Oil Change Prices How Much Is A Take 5 Oil Change? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The module will work on any GM Active Fuel Management (AFM) or Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) equipped vehicle. The Range Afm Disabler is designed to disable the Active Fuel Management (AFM) feature on GM vehicles. If your truck has a flex-fuel engine, we strongly recommend that you get the DiabloSport S100. Overall, Im very happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone who has a GM vehicle with AFM. In most cases, the check engine light comes on and stays illuminated after installing the Range AFM Disabler. The Range AFM disabler comprises a built-in lifter that collapses due to excessive or false use. When youre looking at AFM modules, its important that you choose a disabler that leaves the factory ECU temporarily deactivated but functional. Not only will you be able to reach somewhere faster, but you also increase your vehicles power output. Even when we increased the load-weight there was no jerking. Due to variable codes, AFM loses the information for correct functionality. You really have to wonder why all this V8-V4 complexity was added to a perfectly good V8 if as, in my case, my mileage improved!!! What I figured out was, as soon as I let my wife drive the truck, she throws the thing in gear and hits the accelerator before the starter barely finishes turning over the engine. Then the DiabloSport S1000 AFM Disabler is an excellent option. Tuners are equipped with a speedy processor that allows them to tune many aspects of your vehicle, such as acceleration, downshifting, power level, and speed. This one from Superchips covers all the bases, starting from adjusting the power output to modifying all possible performance metrics. Will I see V4 Mode? As a result, the miles per gallon improve because half chambers do not work. For this purpose, remove the connection of the module with the ECU. Due to low-quality oil in the lifters, the Active fuel management (AFM) disabler malfunctions. Like these features werent enough, Hypertech also added 0 to 60 throttle restrictions to this AFM programmer. So, this AFM tuner can actually improve the mileage and oil consumption of your SUV. Support. However, in some cases, the Disabler may not be the problem but an underlying issue that has remained unfixed for a long time. Furthermore, the internal heat increases and leads to higher emissions. Turn off half chambers and reduce the fluid flow. Additionally, even if youre using a compatible version of Android, the Afm Disabler may not work with all devices. The only way the truck was drive-able was to nail the throttle to get the RPMs up and change into a lower gear. DO NOT CONTINUE TO DRIVE WITH THE MODULE PLUGGED IN IF THIS OCCURS! One issue you can often encounter with lifter failure. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The device can show gear-ratio changes for most common-day applications. If youre looking for a quick and easy way to improve your vehicles performance without breaking the bank, then check out the Range Technology AFM Disabler. If it doesnt, stop using the Disabler; if it does, check whats the actual problem. How Do I Know If I Have Active Fuel Management? Ensure you carry out regular and proper maintenance on your truck to ensure the parts are working correctly to prevent any damages. Now I can drive around at 45 MPH and if I need to gas it, the truck will easily go into another lower gear and move. Ans: You need a V6 or a V8 engine to install an AFM disabler. It's not "locked" to a vehicle and you can move it between vehicles as needed. As long as its a plug-in type AFM module, the installation process is very simple. Your options are a disabler, a tuner, or an AFM delete kit. Its an all-in-one tuner that enhances the performance and power output of trucks and SUVs. This requires the use of a Range Technology AFM disabler. In addition, lifter failures cause the incorrect shifting of gears. Find Out Now! The Active Fuel Management system is designed to save fuel by reducing engine power when certain conditions are met. Of course! If it is not, contact the manufacturer to carry out the necessary update. This is one of the most dread problems of Range AFM Disabler; it could contribute to causing the engine stop abruptly while youre driving. There are still other problems a Range AFM Disabler can cause, which we will discuss below! So, its not all good for Vortec engines in the long run. For starters, Chevy afm disabler ensures non-stop power delivery to all eight cylinders of a V8. After the disablement, the lifter will no longer be used while running the truck, which implies that the lifter will no longer wear off. However, some owners have reported problems with the Range Afm Disabler, including decreased fuel economy and engine performance. Turn the AFM device off when you dont need the performance boost. Can I use this module on different vehicles? This breakdown can cause a serious issue and can damage the truck greatly. Because there are times when you might actually need the AFM back on. Allowing the delete device to remain on while your truck is idle is also not safe, as it can cause your engine to deteriorate faster. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I just couln't afford to take any chances at having to go through an engine disassembly so soon in my truck's life. technology that customizes your vehicle to suit your driving needs. Ford F150 Service Advancetrac Error Message: How to Solve it? Silverado AFM Range disable afm 1 Answer 1 07/04/2021 9:16 am Clogging only can happen if the oil is really dirty or you literally throw dirt in. In addition, you cannot accelerate the pickup trucks with a malfunctioning range AFM disabler. Always use high-quality lubricants for these built-in lifters. GM Products Chris Arnau 12.8K subscribers Subscribe 40K views 2 years ago Active Fuel Management disabler for GM vehicle. Help Center. Carry out regular and proper maintenance on the AFM lifter to prevent failure. Change the spark plugs and install tuning equipment. The AFM disabler helps reduce loud exhaust noise and lifter failure and halt excessive oil pumps. The next time I took my car out it didn't want to start and then finally it started and I drove off, as soon as I got on the road it tried to die on me again. Will This Fix my Oil Consumption Problem? You can activate the disabler to reduce the usage of cylinders. The engine knocking is a significant fault. . Ans: You can find the best AFM disablers on Amazon, or you can buy them directly from the manufacturers website. When the lifters are in good condition, their transition will be smooth, and theyll be no rough switches or noise. So far, it has been known to work with the HTC One M8 and LG G3, but other devices may also be compatible. If your lifters are in good condition, the transition should be smooth and not produce any noise. In cases like that, youll encounter a range of AFM disabler problems. I understand why you would rather spend the $200 here and simply plug and go but you know just like everything stuff wears out and yes for that much money I was hoping it would last much longer. It causes grinding of the motor, which leads to its permanent damage. Thus, while you may be getting more power from installing a Range AFM Disabler, youd notice that your cars engine overheats often, and that is a BIG DEAL. Solution:Most modern engines would automatically shut off when stressed to the peak. For high-speed driving, the activated AFM is essential. However, it will disable the eAssist Start/Stop. I have a 2007 Chevy Suburban. First, check to make sure that the device is properly plugged into your vehicles OBD-II port. Its compatible with GM vehicles that come with 5.2. It costs ways less than a Range disabler and is quite durable as well. Make sure to inspect the lifters before leaving for any ride on your vehicle. Pulsar LT. Apparel. The rest is literally put to sleep while this device is plugged in. The best part? The easiest way to avoid frequent problems is to get the best AFM disabler. Best of luck! In some cases, this deterioration can affect your trucks engine. So, if your car seems to be having ECM-related problems after installing a Range AFM Disabler, you may as well uninstall it to see if the issues would stop occurring. As a result, the abnormal heat ranges turn off the active fuel management device and damage the engine. I could be wrong of course, but I think the pressure relief valve should have no issues handling the changes for the life of the engine. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Read More 2010 Dodge Journey Battery LocationContinue, Read More 2016 Dodge Journey Battery LocationContinue, Read More Dodge 8 Lug Bolt PatternContinue. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'vehicleic_com-banner-1','ezslot_11',143,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-vehicleic_com-banner-1-0');Frequent use of the range AFM disabler can cause lifter failure. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. One of the common range AFM disabler problems is that it could stop your car from starting up or contribute to erratic ECM/ECU functionality. This unit really works. Also, improper maintenance can lead to a serious issue, causing irreparable damage to the vehicles engine and will cost you to spend so much on repairs. There is one anomaly I have noticed, and this I think is the reason for some bad reviews, is that this did throw a check engine light already. 1-866-404-6141. . Although your car may continue to run normally, the appearance of the Check Engine Light (CEL) is quite disturbing to most drivers; it makes you feel theres a serious problem with your engine, always. The Auto Start/Stop function is responsible for creating an increased level of exhaust buzz. However, despite the numerous benefits that the Range AFM disabler offers, it also poses some difficulties. However, this switching can be unresponsive at times which can cause trouble with your driving. Buy it. So if fuel economy is important to you, then keeping AFM active may be the way to go. How Much Does An LS1 Engine Cost | All You Need To Know, How Much Does A Custom Tune Cost | Detailed Breakdown, How Much Does Engine Balancing Cost | Breakdown of Expense, Kia Soul Engine Replacement Cost: An In-Depth Look. Combined with improper maintenance, this can spiral into a huge issue and cause irreparable engine damage to your truck, and can severely cost you. Fits all V6 and V8 General Motors (GM) active or dynamic fuel management vehicles, includes cars, trucks, and SUVs. Not only is it expensive to delete AFM, but it also takes some dedication to actually move forward with it. AFM keeps four out of eight cylinders of your V8 deactivated to maximize fuel economy. When the module is off, your truck will run again on Active Fuel Management. This deterioration can also extend to your vehicles engine with time. The device will go to a VERY low "sleep" state after the engine is off (within 3-10 seconds of the engine shutting off) In this state all the LEDs are OFF and it hibernates at about 1-3mA Every 7-25 seconds it will wake up to a "light sleep" state to check to see if the vehicle is running. But first, you want to make sure that its the right fit for your vehicle and also has the best specs for the price. This breakdown can cause a serious issue and can damage the truck greatly. Once activated, the truck will drive much faster on and off highways. When AFM kicks in, the deactivated cylinders are no longer lubricated with oil. Plus, it has an intuitive interface for people who are new to AFM tuners. Our patented technology is the only product that will disable Active or Dynamic Fuel Management without reprogramming the factory ECU. Learning how to prevent afm lifter failure is important. The disabler is also suitable for high-load applications such as towing and off-road driving. The chambers and other components cannot utilize the fuel according to the standard demand level. After hundreds of thousands of miles of testing the Range team has developed three solutions for Active Fuel Management vehicles. They use a special camshaft ground differently just for cylinders 1,4,6 and 7, they have a higher-volume oil pump, and a pressure relief valve to handle the incessant oil/computer controlled operations of the intake and exhaust valves in these 4 cylinders and this device just stops all this from happening without reprogramming anything. This is a 'plug in and ready to go' type AFM disabler that doesn . This AFM module is the perfect example that good things come in small packages. John Zayn Smith is a passionate truck enthusiast, writer, and expert in the automotive industry. sarah lawrence college athletic director,

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