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Without their support and assistance many of these photos would not have been possible. The tunnels were State Heritage-listed in the 90s and are now used by a wine storage business. The graffiti was referring to it as the Pedo Tunnels alongside other phrases like Kill all pedophiles and Fuck Pedos. I used to work at the Repat, I know where the tunnels and bunkers there are, the entrances are all around you if you know where to look. And for a Mid-school the lowest possible position is soft-core. Instead they just look like kids out adventuring. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Never been to the end of Zorga's V, though, nor have I ever climbed up a manhole. A large wall painting commemorated the unofficial sponsors of the event: Commonwealth Bank, Centrelink, Victoria Police, Melbourne Water and Victoria Bitter. Where is the location of the Anzac drains. access to tunnels by adelaide university and torrens river. Rare in Europe, these drains are everywhere under the australian cities. This murder was conducted by a man who I have identified as looking remarkably similar to a former attorney general of South Australia. The tunnels, which are believed to be eight layers thick with purpose-built bricks, were used during WWII to store artwork and government documents for safekeeping in the event of a Japanese bombing attack. This particular drain was constructed in1910. On discussion with the State Library of South Australia's Mark Gilbert, it was determined that the archways found packed with sand beneath the casino were most likely entrances to a storage shed for engines in the old railway yards. They must also show their competency in such skills as: Using beer cans as tripods and also using Steel wool and glow-sticks as light sources. Working in Gawler Place, the building's sub basement was constantly getting flooded due to an underground river\well crossing through the city. Just take a look at the Maze Drain, and see for yourself. The Julia Farr Home for Incurables A shallow passage disappeared beneath the lights, where the central gully spilled out from an enclosed tunnel. It wasnt until I left Australia that I would hear back from them but for now at least, it looked like I would be going in solo. Very interesting stuff as Im from Adelaide myself, how do you find these abandoned places?? The tunnels were dug by hand by men who were paid only 7 shillings per day for their efforts. And? They can be swapped on line for goods and services and are not subject to GST. But seriously, I've seen only a few posts from you, and they're all replies to people like me who want to be independant saying stuff like we can;t do that and the Cave Clan is better. Drain Gods are of course the highest official rank achievable in the C/C/C (with the possible exception of forum moderators). And you can view it on Google Maps Nearly all have been taken in low to very-low lighting conditions, and most on Canon digital equipment. Your email address will not be published. done like julia farr and the stpeters twins but faaark. More and more people really need to check this out and understand this side of the story. Must drink VB or other bogan beer. so keeen to find some of these spotss, whats da haps mighty mouse in melbs at the moment cant wait to be bck in adelaide, @ Doc, regarding the bunker. Sydney Cave Clan. Out of all the conspiracies going around this day and age, I feel this story has been censored for reason I cant work out. Apparently there used to be a tunnel going under frome road used for cattle transport and later for WWII / quarantine transport troops but was completely backfilled. This page tells how to locate and find drains, Hi all. The following is my fully submitted report, which was compiled from my secretive dealings with Cavern Clan members. See Before a Clanneroo is allowed to join 'Camera Clan', they must complete the 'C/C HDR proficiency certificate'. The 150m tunnel in Eden Hills stored the State Librarys most valuable documents, artefacts and records and the 290m tunnel in Panorama was used to store ammunition. "This is the first time I've said this, but I'm proud of it. I recall the awards night in the Anzac drain. ", The photos chart the group's exploration of drains and holes here and overseas, including the catacombs beneath Paris. Liao, It is known that the Water Board is extremely jealous of the 'Compass Clan's' location lists because it is a lot more extensive the any official list of underground cavities. Cheers, having said that, cave clan are much better than us, so go with them. The lumins of an Ubexering Persons torch has a direct relationship with how many hankies they have left in sheds. Trainman I highly recommend everyone with an interest in exploring consider joining the Clan, you get to see and do some amazing things, but patience is a virtue, if you wait it out, weeks, maybe even months, you WILL get the chance to come along to something. Brian's mother called Doug after the summer storm. Pull your finger out! Its all good mate 2 years ago was a different climate- if you get a chance though the history added in makes it still quite easy to find so if you can remove that also would be great! Scarecrow, SA Water Wastewater Renewals lead asset planner Craig Williamson said it starts in Adelaide's north-east in the Paradise area, followed the River Torrens into the city, "crossing over the Torrens at one point", before following a train line back out north. Choose the member you want to explore it, & push them in. Zogra's tomb? ! UrbanTwilight is photographing the underground tunnels, abandoned buildings, rooftops, and hidden industry that most people would never normally get to see. Dedicated to the Big Drain Posse, were a series of painted tombstones naming deceased members of the Clan. The Adelaide Club was founded in 1863. But I refused. That's one that we started ourselves", The first Clannies, Mosh and Gilligan, 1989, Now 30 years after the Cave Clan was first formed, Doug is opening his archives. It's far too easy for people to believe stories of fantsy-like underground cities. This is to keep things interesting for interstaters who are sick of being taken to AquaToad over and over and want at least something new when they visit. just a quick one In the 50s-90s, The tunnels were used for a mushroom farm by S.A Mushroom Company. If it is funny enough and they have a picture of it, then they will receive praise and be popular. When & if you become a Drain God, the required locations per year reaches '0'. I am in my eighties now but would love to revive some old memories. Amazing! My post was a cut & paste bud. Great read. What was the question?. But this year was the 30th anniversary and we had over 300 people there," Doug says. I'd be interested to find out if my suspicions are true. Cavalyr Icompletely understand. The walls were covered with images ranging from personal tags and signatures (including those left by visitors from other chapters of the Cave Clan), through to full scale murals. A bag in one corner was filled with unused tealight candles. Don't think it can't happen to you. Yes, it is I, Panic, and my horde of imaginary friends. I think you are making an incorrect presumption there Tim - We don't care who explores drains - we just care who explores within the Clan. I know n elevator technician who has told me of a river under Toys R Us in the city, this is probably the same one as Gawler place. These underground drains carry out the canalization of rain water, completely separated from sewer networks. For every year a Clan member has been active in the C/C, the number of locations required for you to explore each month reduces. If an object is shinny enough, or has dials, or the owner clearly doesn't appreciate it as much as you would, then you are quite within your rights to borrow it for 'documentation' purposes. Hahaha, good stuff. If you are a not a member of the Clan and you wish to try exploration'ing a location, you can obtain GPS coordinates for many locations by going to a Drain Gods personal website. Who dosn't want a picture of themselves standing on the roof of the local 7-Eleven, so they can prove how hard-core they are to all the non-Urbexering people they are trying to make friends with. ", Most famous Cave Clan member: Railway tunnel in the Adelaide Hills. Im hoping to get to Sydney next time, so this might turn out to be very handy. Dsankt, He said 15. xm, The 170-metre and 360-metre Sleeps Hill tunnels at Lynton were originally built as railway tunnels during the 1880s. Huge cavity. UrbanTwilight Forum mods are the rulers of all Urbex related activities world wide. I ventured into ANZAC drain earlier today, but was driven out by the encroaching darkness. It is an established fact that the better the camera, the better the photo's. While researching this story, an excited Adelaidean told me of an underground stream he believed existed in the city's East End. Urb ex/draining is for everyone, don't get caught up in their petty wanna be elitist crap. I emailed them asking why they havent done a report on it and how that looks lol obviously I heard nothing back. I realise this wont undo any damage that you feel has already been caused, but hopefully itll offer fewer clues to future readers. Drac, They are not evidence of an abandoned subway, but likely remnants of the original Adelaide Railway Station, which first opened in 1856. Well Beanz sure the Cave Clan may be the legends of the underground, but they can't answer their email for shit. Extensive maps of most major cities world wide are available for use for various rescue services. A freind of mine works at the repat and says they're looking for the entrance to the old bunker that was buried years ago, part of the repats history. such a good read, but also terrifying at the same time. Its a shame it didnt work out this time, but Ill definitely be in touch next time Im in Melbourne! The Sleeps Hill tunnels have a colourful history, originally built as a train tunnel, converted into a mushroom farm and even used to store ammunition and the state archives most valuable items in WW2. "There's all sorts of stories about women on Kintore Avenue and so forth," the State Library of SA's Mark Gilbert said. The Chamber here in the ANZAC Drain serves as the venue for the Cave Clans annual awards ceremony: The Clannies. More extensive shelters were built at the Daws Road Repatriation Hospital for injured servicemen and staff during WWII. The reason for this is unclear, because everyone knows everyone else's real names from Facebook anyway. Panic's site is back up and has a forums ( that will soon be bigger than UER! There are old chambers and vaults underground in the city somewhere in one of the official buildings but they are still active. They will be deemed 'soft-core'. Its all really concerning. Urban exploration (urbex), off-limits, spelunking, drains, derelict buildings & ruins. We also try and protect the locations we explore for as long as possible. They made headlines for their exploits in the tunnels and drains beneath Melbourne, and two men spotted climbing down a Camberwell manhole suggests the Cave Clan could be back. Please do tell! Scarecrow of the Sydney branch of the Cave Clan. If you do somehow become a member, you will then be invited to Clan events which are called a Sexpo's. For example: if a Newbie knows of a new location, that Newbie could invite an Old-school member on a sexpo. Next I attempted to sign up for an account on the Cave Clan forum, but my request failed. And so, donning my coveralls and recruiting the services of an equally adventurous ABC cameraman, we ignored the stench and plunged into darkness for this second part in our Curious Adelaide investigation into Adelaide's tunnels. & The (Aproximatley 1910) Source, Old Sleeps Hill railway tunnel, near Eden Hills in January 1961 Source, SLEEPS HILL: The northern end of Sleeps Hill railway tunnel 1992 Source, The southern end of Sleeps Hill railway tunnel 1991 Source, Ildraino (the Cave Clan Zine by Doug). "There was a photo in the Advertiser in the early to mid 1990s of a guy standing in this brick, arched drain, and a friend of mine and I said, 'Hey, let's go meet that guy and see what's down there'," Lite said. A true gentleman explorer indeed. That's a new one for me. I'm a photography student, and really interested in the different drain locations + how to go about getting inside. The photos shown here depict the variety of these underground canalizations. I really need to get around to writing more of these posts, hey byzey- if youre in adelaide you should hmu and we should go exploring some time- im 15, email me at [emailprotected] and ill give u me snap if you want. If you have not had your photo taken standing on someones remains, then you are just not considered to be a proper urbexerer. When removing a manhole from beneath if the above location is unknown First use a Stethoscope to listen for cars. Internal politics is Syd-Clans main export. These roach infested tunnels could only get smaller from here, so I decided against venturing any further. It is still unknown which government organisation, forum mods work for. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Hey there, nice shots. Later, Id even hear stories of projectors being dragged down to this drain, to screen films up on the walls inside. Its gone down hill over the last year or two. I really don't need to stick up for the Clan nowadays because so many known explorers around the world have had good experiences with the Clan that it speaks for itself. When you arrive at a location, you are expected to write your 'tag' near the entrance to indicate that you looked in, and then to draw a dick on other peoples tags. The poison runs thick and fast through Adelaide. I was intent on discovering this hidden world for myself, and I decided to start by looking for the ANZAC Drain: a spacious storm drain in the city centre, which serves as a kind of clubhouse for the local Cave Clan. Adelaide was built for war, I'm guessing there'd be somewhere they meet up. Eventually, S.A Mushroom company grew into an extremely successful business exporting up to 2000 boxes a week. Quote from OS visiting explorer: "If i have one more person try & stick a torch up my arse, i'll fuckin loose it", Dsankt, i mean get with the groove, go with the younger generation. Part One digs up the truth about an 'abandoned subway' beneath the CBD's north and tunnels connecting government buildings. This is not a pissing contest. This is true, because many OS 'Stinky tunnel trampers' when leaving, are heard to say things like: "I will defiantly appreciate home alot more now" or "Well, that was an experience" or "Sheds in Paddocks Only in Australia!". Zorga's Tomb is one of Adelaide's longest stormwater drains and exists in the same region of the city as others, such as Adelaide Darkie (Darkies) and St Peters Twins. From this point on, all exploring is done through 'Google Earth'. Approach.doc The images contained on this site have been shot in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, and countless country locations inbetween. The final award of the night is the Gold Clannie a gold-painted bowling pin, awarded to the Clan member deemed to have put in the best performance of the year. I really don't have an issue with who I explore. I first tried to contact the Cave Clan several months ago, through their official website, but had no response. Here are that some pseudonym's some famous Clanners go buy: A member's worth is measured in the number of keys they have. The entrance to a drain will start at a waterway (canal, creek, river, lake, beach etc). On either side of the brook, large, elevated platforms provide spacious seating areas. Similar shelters along North Terrace became popular havens for ladies of the night to ply their trade. I only just discovered this website when a friend told me about the drains. I am aware that it is somewhere in the Yarra but I dont know how to get there. It has chapters all over the world, in exotic locations like Antarctica, Kazakhstan and Canberra. Arriving in Cuba alone, with no money and no plan, was more fun than you might expect. The most common pastimes in the dodgy community are: Taking photos, going on sexpo's, stealing stuff, tagging, guessing which members are narks, or talking about poo. Amazing article. Claims were made that the tunnels seemed to have a hoodoo on them and the first three growers were forced to abandon them due to fungus and diseases. A strong slope gave this drain its name. A Google search of these names reveals many photographs of the city's concrete drain network thanks largely to secretive urban explorers, Cave Clan, a movement that started in Melbourne, or the informative website, Awesome Adelaide. He insisted repeatedly that I try the meat because it was important for the group to see I had participated in the ritual. V, eli's tomb, zogra's tomb. "We knew of them. I work at Woolies in RundleMall our basement is always flooding even on dry days, so there may be smoething there? Long time since but I would love to go again. Love to hear from any old cavers. Painted above the lintel at the Chambers yawning entrance, a sign read: CAVE CLAN WELCOMES YOU TO THE CHAMBER. If a Newbie tags, their membership is forfeit. Thanks to my Cave Clan underground guides from Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide: Doug, Curly, Eli, Al, Rogue, Drac Big big thanks to you guys and Go In Drains ! The same way that people can say whatever they like about drains, the Cave Clan or whatever, I can also give information that many people don't know about from a different angle (most people in the Clan agree with you and ignore online crap). On another wall, a painted grid provided a floor-to-ceiling guestbook for visitors to sign. here you are Camera's with high ISO settings are popular because most Click Clanners are too weak to carry Manfrotto's. Australian underground drains - (c) Forbidden Places - Sylvain Margaine - Melbourne, ANZAC, the Chamber. You guys come across a bit over rated. If you don't care, then don't reply. Keep up-to-date with what were exploring in and around Adelaide; and follow us in real time by following our Instagram feed: Also, to read more about awesome Adelaide places to explore, take a look at our, Urban Exploring: The Proscenium Nightclub, Urban Exploring: The Clock to Adelaides First Post Office. They have lots of drain pictures, maps and best of all, an up to date Google Earth file of drains and tunnels all around the world. On this secret cave thing I know of a small group of troglodytes building a small petra/dmanhur cave temple in undisclosed location (I have been told it is 113.84km bearing 138deg from worlds end). The usual trophy given is a butt-plug painted gold, which is also known as a 'Man-hole key' (pictured). UrbanTwilight is photographing the underground tunnels, abandoned buildings, rooftops, and hidden industry that most people would never normally get to see. What started as three Melbourne teenagers sneaking into drains, soon. To curb this, addition membership requirements may be added. I don't delude myself by considering my search to be exhaustive and, as I said last week, believe there are more to be found. It is important to remember this is currently all hearsay however, in the 50s 80s Adelaide was extremely corrupt. Yeah I take everything Rachel is saying with a grain of salt, since she also claims that a Butcher shop on Cross road is still selling baby meat to satanists to this day. A newbie can be booted for anything, even tagging. army sqi m identifier,

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